About Us

KARTII: Interactive Intelligent networking

Almost all business tools have evolved to cope with the constantly changing technology,


It's time to have a new approach to business cards as well.

KARTII is a full business card management solution for the digital age

KARTII replaces physical business cards with an electronic version

KARTII allows you to access a global cloud of business cards database

KARTII scans business card and QR code

KARTII uses social media and nearby geo-location to help you get in touch with others

KARTII eliminates the hassle of losing your business cards

KARTII will help you organize your business cards

KARTII will let you effectively change your business card details and send the updates to your contacts

KARTII will let you schedule your next meeting, share your business card and share your geo location with others

KARTII will let you Go-Green, no need to print business cards anymore

KARTII also comes with multiple features to better manage your business

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