Convert Business Cards into Profitable Leads

Skyrocket your revenue by incorporating Kartii contacts and data through salesforce integration technique

Optical Character Recognition

With the help of Pattern Recognition Algorithms, decoding any image to machine readable text is quick and simple with 100% accurate data

Support Multiple Languages

Supporting over 21 languages right from Danish to Polish, Kartii aims to expand its horizon through a single business card.

Quick Search on Linkedin

Generate unlimited leads by successfully integrating the salesforce into the eBusiness Card. Collaborate with Linkedin that opens up a vast marketing data and utilize the information strategically with a quick search option.


Sync eCards on the unlimited cloud infrastructure to get accessed anytime, anywhere effortlessly across Android, iOS & Web platforms.

Boon for Professionals and Individuals

Reach out to potential clients through effective Networking. With Salesforce integration streamline the entire Sales, Human Resources, Public Relations, Business Development and marketing sector diligently into leads.

Sky's the Limit! Save Unlimited Contacts in a jiffy.

Digital Cards facilitates to store N number of contacts and retrieve the information at a fraction of a second. Import the contacts from the MS active directory effortlessly. Integrate the contacts to Salesforce in an easy and manageable way.

Go Green! Save with eBusinessCards.

A perfect alternative to paper cards that not only saves the time and money to a great extent but also all the designing, sharing and saving part are done on the fly.

Increase the WorkFlow and reduce the redundancy of the data

Reduce the data redundancy from the manual entries by integrating kartii’ Business Card Reader into your existing Salesforce account in order to replicate your contacts.

Scan Business Cards directly into Salesforce

Scan and Upload to Salesforce01

Export all your contacts into Salesforce account and choose from hundreds of elegant pre-defined templates that entices your customer with rich content.

SalesForce Custom Fields02

Interconnect all your business accounts into your Salesforce account by adding extra custom fields for each account like Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more!

Quick Notes & Emails03

Kartii provides built-in ‘Quick Notes’ feature which unclutters from the need for installing additional apps for Notes or Reminders.

Linkedin Search04

With Salesforce integration services go to any Linkedin Profile page almost instantly by a single click on the Linkedin button.

Business Cards Isn’t dead, they are Upgraded!

Leverage Your Traditional Business Into Digital Download Kartii to Experience the best digital card experience

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