The challenges with nowadays business cards
Business cards in figures
What Kartii solution offer
What's Kartii slogan
What's Kartii added value
How can I download Kartii mobile application?

Kartii is available on both App Store and Google Play markets.

Is there a web site for Kartii App ?

Yes, visit www.kartii.com

What options are available in Kartii web site?

You can utilize all the mobile App features through the website including, Edit Business Card, Add Contacts, Organize Business cards Tree, Schedule Meeting and more

Visit www.Kartii.com

Can I change my Kartii App home page

Yes, you can switch between different home pages options, including My Contacts and My Card and Home from the Settings page

Can I hide my Business card from being searched?

Yes , go to the Settings page and switch your profile to private.

Can I synchronize my meetings calendar with other calendars?

Yes you can with MS-Outlook and Google Calendar, go to the setting page and add your MS or Google account.